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About Us

We provide care for preschoolers and school age students. Through structured play, all children can be encouraged and guided to engage in a creative, positive, healthy and safe environment. Our rational is to create an environment that embraces knowledge through imagination, expression, self-reliance and confidence. We incorporate a learning environment consisting of play and educational activities for each child to learn and grow.

Get to Know Us:


Our Preschool program offers care for ages 2-5 years old. Our daily curriculum includes music time, classroom gathering, outdoor play, indoor play, rotation of classroom centers and more. Our weekly themed lesson plans include math, science, sensory, art and literacy activities.

Toddler Classroom (2-3 years)

Our toddlers focus on learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Our daily activities include matching, sorting and recognition.

Preschool Classroom (3-4 years)

Students in this class are engaging in structured activities that will prepare them for the Pre-K class. Weekly lesson plans include activities which will all help a child enhance their confidence and ability to conquer, explore and create.

Pre-K classroom (4-5 years)

We provide activities that are constantly changing to engage in pre-kindergarten curriculum that better prepare your child for primary school.

Preschool Program:

Playing with Animals
Happy Kids Huddle

Before & After School Program:

Our Before & After School program offers care for grades TK-5th.

Before School Care

Before school we help prepare each child for the day. Our morning program consists of a light breakfast, morning stretches & relaxation and indoor activities.

After School Care

After school we engage in outdoor free play, enrichment programs, planned indoor & outdoor activities, homework time and more!

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